OAGi and CompTIA EIDX Announce New Direction

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<p><strong>Atlanta &mdash; Sept. 24</strong><br />The Open Applications Group (OAGi) and the Electronic Industry Data Exchange Group (EIDX) of the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) announced they have signed an agreement to collaborate on building standards for the high-tech industry.<br /><br />In addition, the Open Applications Group is pleased to announce the general availability of Release 9.3 of OAGIS, which was recently optimized for the high-tech business processes order to cash and procure to pay. OAGIS Release 9.3 is the first release of OAGIS specifically tuned for high tech and the first deliverable from the newly formed High Tech Council within the Open Applications Group. <br /><br />”Intel is looking to the Open Application Group standards to enable off-the-shelf backend integration with our ERP applications,” said John Cartwright, director of business network integration for Intel Corp. </p><p>”It takes too much time, resources and costs too much to create the custom code needed today for integration. This is the primary reason for much of the manual processing (both internal and external) we have today.” <br /><br />Moving forward, the High Tech Council and their sponsored OAGIS Working Groups will be meeting in co-located facilities with the CompTIA EIDX business meetings. This enables a specific focus and gathering point for high-tech business people, while ensuring that the deliverables fit into the cross industry framework which is OAGIS.<br /><br />”CompTIA EIDX does a tremendous job of providing a business forum for organizations in the high-tech industry,” said David Connelly, CEO of the Open Applications Group. “This agreement enables our standards development efforts to engage directly with vertical industries like high tech, while continuing to pursue a standards solution that ensures cross industry interoperability.”<br /><br />”The Open Applications Group is taking their innovative and successful standards work to a new level by collaborating with our EIDX initiative,” said Robert Biddle, vice president of e-business and software solutions at CompTIA. </p><p>”We have a long-term relationship with OAGi and look forward to meeting or exceeding the standards needs of the high-tech industry. This relationship will ensure that the voice of the high-tech customer will be the driving force for high-tech standards.” <br /><br />The CompTIA EIDX section provides a unified voice, global leadership and strategic direction to further e-business interoperability. CompTIA EIDX members are committed to advancing industry growth through the development of standards, best practices, accreditations, professional education and development, tools and business solutions. <br /></p>

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