NXLevel Solutions Introduces PharmaCertify

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<p><strong>Hopewell, N.J. &mdash; Aug. 6</strong><br />NXLevel Solutions, which specializes in creating and deploying standards-based, media-rich, instructionally sound e-learning programs, has introduced PharmaCertify, a collection of interactive training courses in selling skills, compliance and clinical content for sales representatives. </p><p>Developed by NXLevel Solutions and its partners, which are experts in training and e-learning, PharmaCertify is a collection of top-tier components, including content, instructional design and technology, to deliver best-in-class training without having to start from scratch. </p><p>The modules are easy to access and deploy, the courses are engaging and memorable and the assessment tools provide actionable levels of measurement. <br /><br />PharmaCertify was developed to address a critical need in the industry: training strategies that blend the right combination of content, instructional design and expertise.</p><p> To meet this goal, PharmaCertify offers training content from the most valued names in the industry &mdash; PharmaCertify has exclusive agreements with Quantum Learning (selling skills), Plexus Learning Designs (clinical education) and HCPro/ePharmaceuticals (compliance). </p><p>The best-in-class assessments are powered through a partnership with Pedagogue Solutions, which has long been a leader in applying technology to the areas of testing and measurement.<br /><br />PharmaCertify offers multiple levels of customization &mdash; from corporate branding to client-specific content needs &mdash; courseware can be tailored to an organization&rsquo;s specific needs. </p><p>The courses work seamlessly with a company&rsquo;s existing LMS, which lessens the burden on the learning management team. </p><p>These high-performance training solutions deploy quickly without sacrificing the most important attribute: quality content.<br /><br />&ldquo;PharmaCertify fills an important need in the industry for high-quality, readily assessable e-learning for all size companies,&rdquo; said Bob Christensen, NXLevel Solutions chief development officer. &ldquo;Our modules include content from industry leaders in a ready-to-use format that also allows for rapid customization to meet specific client needs. </p><p>&quot;Organizations are realizing that an off-the-shelf e-learning solution that focuses on appropriate content, and one that can adapt to their specific needs, provides an effective solution faster and with lower costs than custom learning. In addition, PharmaCertify is always thoughtfully working with new and existing content partners with proven experience to explore new ideas and deliver valuable up-to-date training to our clients.&rdquo;</p>

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