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<p><strong>Orlando, Fla. &mdash; May 7</strong><br />In its continuing effort to empower organizations to improve human resource business processes and retain and reward star performers, NuView Systems &mdash; developer of the NuViewHR product suite &mdash; has announced the latest addition to its strategic human resource management system (HRMS).&nbsp; </p><p>NuView&rsquo;s Compensation Management module enables managers and human resource professionals to perform advanced salary planning, incentive and stock-planning functions based on an employee&rsquo;s contributions. </p><p>Not only does Compensation Management link individual employee performance with compensation, it also streamlines budget increases by department or by payment plan, using a merit matrix model.<br /><br />NuViewHR now has the capacity to allow managers to look at gaps in employee knowledge, performance goals attained and learning actions undertaken while considering compensation budgets and managing the allocation of funds. </p><p>This information, delivered at the line-manager level, allows every manager to have access to relevant and business critical information while making compensation decisions.&nbsp; </p><p>As a key addition to the NuViewHR modules of recruiting management, performance management, training administration and metrics, the Compensation Management module brings out the strategic value of employee effectiveness to an organization. <br /><br />In an environment of increased globalization and regulation, a compensation management solution that can provide a clear measurement of how employee performance aligns with the company objectives can result in a sizable competitive advantage and increased profitability. </p><p>For HR to effectively facilitate the development of a high-performance workforce and reward its high achievers, however, it must be able to break down its functional information silos, support its end-to-end processes via sophisticated workflows and have an integrated and common set of competency data models.<br /><br />&ldquo;As organizations continue to struggle with attracting, retaining and developing talented employees, they must have the ability to seamlessly assess individual employee competencies and job performance. More importantly, they need to link employee contributions to an organization&rsquo;s business goals,&rdquo; said Shafiq Lokhandwala, NuView Systems Inc. CEO . &ldquo;Our new Compensation Management module was developed specifically to help corporate and HR executives meet these workflow optimization challenges and recognize the employees who contribute most to their bottom line.&rdquo;</p>

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