Aims to Alleviate Nurse Shortage With Online Nurse Bidding

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<strong>Rolla, Mo. &mdash; March 27</strong><br />While today&#39;s shaky economy has many people worried about job security, the nursing field has been an exception. In fact, there is a critical shortage of nurses in the U.S. by some 44,000 positions. Furthermore, according to the latest projections from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 1.2 million new and replacement nurses will be needed by 2014, and government analysts project that more than 703,000 new RN positions will be created through 2014.<br /><br />A new Web site,, has launched in hopes of filling the current and projected void. "The site is based on the law of supply and demand," said Dr. Olusanya, company founder. "There&#39;s obviously an enormous need for nurses. However, many nurses are leaving the field because they are overworked and underpaid."<br /><br />, he noted, is designed to spur interest in the nursing field, increase the retention of nurses by compensating them for their worth and set a trading floor that will determine market prices for nurse shifts.<br /><br />"It&#39;s a win-win situation for both nurses and employers across the country," he stated. "Nurses can set minimum bids and select the shifts they prefer to work. Employers can fill the gaps in their nursing rotations with qualified, eager nurses."<br /><br />So how does work? The site features live auctions in which nurses actually open personal bids based on available dates to work. They also request bids from employers starting at a minimum rate. A rating system ranks nurses based on professionalism and reliability. Nurses&#39; profiles include an ID number, date last logged in, address, sex, states certified in, certification details, categories available to work in, average rating and even hobbies. Employers who bid must offer detailed information about jobs, including nurse-to-bed ratio, computerized medical records and whether orientation is required.<br /><br />At present, nurses are available in the following categories: nurse practitioner, certified registered nurse anesthetist, certified nurse midwife, critical care, medical-surgical, obstetrics/gynecology nursing, psychiatric nursing, pediatric nursing, travel nursing, home health aide, licensed practical nursing, certified nurse aide and others.<br /><br />The site, launched in March 2007, is free for nurses and employers nationwide. Olusanya said it will continue to remain free for nurses.<br /><br />"Our site definitely represents a trend in the nursing field," concluded Olusanya. " takes advantage of the power and reach of the Internet. You could call it virtual first aid for the nursing industry."<br />

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