Now What?

The technology sector may not be getting hit as hard by the economic recession as the financial or automotive industries, but most IT departments are still feeling some negative effects. With the forecast cloudy, the best thing you can do is make sure you are prepared for continued uncertainty. Here are some tips to help you survive — or even thrive — during a downturn.

Focus on the bottom line. Companies are looking to cut costs, so you should look for ways to save your organization money. For instance, you might take the initiative to identify a data-storage vendor that offers lower prices or recommend renegotiating an existing contract. Calculate the potential cost savings to give your manager specific data. Also, have a clear understanding of how your efforts allow the organization to achieve its goals. For example, what can you do to help identify new customers, improve service levels or make the company’s products or services cheaper?

If you are searching for new employment, augment your cover letter and resume to highlight instances in your work history where you have helped previous employers save money, become more competitive or increase efficiencies.

Don’t be a wallflower. Now is not the time to blend into the background. Companies are looking for leaders to help them manage through tough times and grow again once economic conditions improve. Make an effort to become a go-to person on your team. By volunteering for new projects or taking on additional responsibilities, you demonstrate initiative…



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