Novell Release Certified Linux Engineer 9 Credential

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The granddaddy of all certification programs will be adding a credential to its suite this summer. Novell announced it will launch its Certified Linux Engineer 9 certification to support the SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9, which was released last August.

“We’ve announced that it’s going to be available in its course form—meaning the courses that help prepare you for the exam objectives—in late July,” said Ptarmi Kilgore, director of Novell’s certification and skills assessment team. “There will be two courses. The practicum exam will be available in beta form at (Novell’s) BrainShare EMEA in Barcelona, Spain, on Sept. 11. Depending on the beta results and so forth, the live exam will probably follow in the neighborhood of six to eight weeks thereafter.”


The new certification is significantly different in content, but retains the practicum testing methodology of previous Novell credentials. “Those that achieved the original Certified Linux Engineer were tested on their knowledge of the services that run on top of SUSE LINUX or on top of Red Hat,” Kilgore said. “This would get you much more down to the command line, speaking to the nuts and bolts of the distribution.”


One of the main goals in the development of Novell’s CLE 9 was that it would primarily train IT professionals on the SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9, Kilgore said. “The original Certified Linux Engineer was conceived prior to the acquisition of SUSE LINUX. We had built that certification on Novell’s Enterprise Linux Services product, so it was not specific to a distribution, nor was it focused specifically on the OS. It was focused on the more traditional Novell services. This effort is to build on the Certified Linux Professional from a pure SUSE standpoint. We will not be addressing those services that we now deliver in the open enterprise services products. We will be specifically building on the administrative knowledge that you gain through the acquisition of the Certified Linux Professional, and we’ll be layering on top of that the network services components and a security course.


“We always base our development efforts on what that product ends up looking like when it’s released,” she said. “Our course developers, who are all located in Nuremberg (Germany), all work very closely with the product development teams and are in lockstep as they develop the courseware that will map to the product itself. They have influence on what the topic areas should be. We have subject-matter experts both within and without of Novell, so there’s kind of a collaboration there.”


Kilgore said that the certification—like all of Novell’s programs—was developed according to the needs of the company and its customers. “Training services is just another reinforcement of where the company’s going,” she said. “We’re laying the foundation to make SUSE LINUX a very viable enterprise solution by gearing up the skills sets of IT organizations, and we’ll continue doing that as subsequent releases of SUSE LINUX come out.”


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