Novell to Acquire SuSE Linux

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Since Brainshare in April 2003, Novell Inc. has been steadily expanding on its Linux strategy. In the latest advance on this front, Novell has announced that it will acquire SUSE LINUX, a leading enterprise Linux company, allowing Novell to provide enterprise-class services and support on the Linux platform. Novell will pay $210 million in cash to acquire SUSE LINUX, the leading Linux enterprise Linux vendor in Europe. SUSE Linux provides Linux server and desktop solutions such as SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 8, designed for midsize to large companies to provide core networking services.




In addition to the acquisition announcement, Novell announced that IBM will invest $50 million in Novell convertible preferred stock. Novell and IBM are also negotiating extensions to existing agreements between IBM and SUSE LINUX for support of SUSE LINUX on IBM’s eServer line of products and middleware products.




Early in 2000, Novell made its eDirectory technology available on Linux. In April 2003, it announced plans to make all of the services on the NetWare operating system run on both the NetWare and the Linux kernels. The acquisition of SUSE LINUX will strengthen Novell’s set of Linux offerings by allowing it to distribute the Linux platform itself in addition to these services.




Certified professionals are also included in Novell’s Linux strategy. When it announced its Linux plans at Brainshare in April 2003, Novell also announced plans to create a new certification, the Novell Certified Linux Engineer (Novell CLE). The certification will require a practicum exam covering candidates’ knowledge and skill in Linux OS, Linux networking and Novell services for Linux. The course to prepare for the exam is scheduled to be available this month, and the exam is expected to be available in December 2003. 




For more information on the SUSE LINUX acquisition, visit To learn more about Novell certifications, visit

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