Novell Promotes Linux Adoption

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When Novell announced its commitment to Linux and open source at its BrainShare conference in 2003, it wasn’t a promise the company took lightly. Since March 2003, Novell has shipped its most popular Novell products on a Linux platform. Recently, Novell launched the Certified Linux Engineer (CLE) program, including the CLE Practicum exam (a hands-on lab exam), and the SUSE Certified Linux Professional certification, which recognizes expertise on the SUSE LINUX distribution.




Novell’s efforts to promote Linux have made it the largest Linux software and services company in the world, said Daniel Veitkus, Novell’s vice president of Worldwide Training Services. Veitkus believes that training and education are an integral part of Novell’s Linux programs. The CLE program requires a strong knowledge in networking, a high level of competency in directory services (specifically Novell’s eDirectory) and a solid foundational knowledge in Linux.


In addition to a core understanding of Linux, Novell strongly recommends that candidates obtain the level of knowledge required for the widely recognized Linux Professional Institute Certification Level I (LPIC-1).




“This acquisition is phenomenal from a software and services perspective, but it also gives Novell and subsequently our customers and our training partners a leg up on the rest of the market and the rest of the IT training industry,” said Veitkus.




Overview of the CLE program:


Recommended Prerequisites


• Level 1 Linux Professional Institute knowledge.


• Hands-on Linux experience.


Recommended Training


• Novell Services for Linux (Course #3015).


• Instructor-led and self-study formats.


Certification Exam


• Practical Exam (CLE Practicum) includes real issue resolution in live environment.


• Exam covers troubleshooting issues with Linux OS, Linux networking and includes Novell Solutions for Linux.


For more information about the Novell Certified Linux Engineer (CLE), go to

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