Novell-Led Bandit Project’s DigitalMe Wins Award

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<p><strong>Waltham, Mass. &mdash; Nov. 9</strong><br />Novell announced the Bandit project&#39;s DigitalMe information card selector is the winner of the HP-International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Privacy Innovation Award, in the Technology category. The world&#39;s largest association of privacy professionals, the IAPP presents this award annually in three categories to organizations that successfully transform themselves through the integration of privacy to achieve the benefits of greater consumer and citizen satisfaction, enhanced customer relationships and the competitive advantages driven by unique privacy-enabled models.<br /><br />DigitalMe is an open source, cross-platform identity card selector that helps users manage digital identity cards used in Web transactions. Written by Bandit project members, the source code has been contributed to the Eclipse Higgins project and is interoperable with other Higgins&#39; components. DigitalMe is functionally equivalent to Microsoft Windows CardSpace and runs on Macintosh and Linux platforms.<br /><br />DigitalMe is honored for its extensive list of user benefits, including:<br />&bull;    Enterprise network services no longer have to securely store and maintain millions of identity data, reducing the liability and cost that comes with storing private data.<br />&bull;    Identity providers can implement strict identity verification policies, allowing relying parties to have a high degree of confidence that the identity information being used in a transaction is complete and accurate.<br />&bull;    Enterprises can allow remote workers to access outsourced services without passing corporate credentials over the Internet.<br />&bull;    Users are put in control of their own identity information and can choose who they trust to store their sensitive data.<br />&bull;    Users can interact with sites, including controlled access based on age or other criteria, without ever disclosing their identity.<br /><br />For more information on the Bandit project&#39;s DigitalMe information card selector, please visit </p>

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