Novell Expands Capabilities With ZENworks

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<strong>Waltham, Mass. &mdash; Jan. 14</strong><br />Novell announced the availability of ZENworks Endpoint Security Management with expanded encryption functionality and local language support. This policy-based security solution offers improved encryption for personal data management, removable storage and white-listed devices, as well as increased security for fixed disks. With ZENworks Endpoint Security Management, enterprise customers have granular control over their endpoint ports and devices, allowing them to confidently protect and secure their corporate data. <br /><br />”Encryption is becoming a critical necessity for business,” said Chris Christiansen, program vice president, Security Products & Services at IDC. “Companies in all industries are facing an onslaught of compliance regulations, as well as security threats, that demand they protect their data from unauthorized access. Integrated encryption functionality and password policies secure corporate assets from endpoint threats that are increasing with mobile computing. These tools are also essential for helping IT administrators enforce corporate and regulatory compliance requirements ensuring that confidential information remains appropriately encrypted at all times and is always properly handled and accessed only by authorized individuals.” <br /><br />Available in nine languages &mdash; including English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese &mdash; ZENworks Endpoint Security Management offers expanded USB control for non-storage peripheral devices such as mice and printers, allowing administrators to dictate device access to the network using criteria such as manufacturer name and device model number. With this enhanced solution, companies can also disable “autorun” and “autoplay” features which can protect their corporate networks against the increasing threat of data theft using USB and MP3 devices, known as “thumbsucking” and “podslurping.” <br /><br />A member of the ZENworks family of system management offerings, ZENworks Endpoint Security Management delivers expanded safe harbor controls for data encryption. This enables the end user to specify encryption policies down to the &ldquo;My Documents&rdquo; folder on his or her hard drive, providing control and flexibility while still allowing the corporate IT administrator to centrally manage and ensure data security. <br /><br />In addition, this new release includes enhanced password features that provide improved security for lost or stolen laptops by requiring an additional password to prove user identity before permitting decryption of data. The solution also offers optional strong password protection for added control over removable storage devices, in addition to encryption that supports both removable storage and white-listed preferred devices by serial number. <br /><br />”As laptop usage continues to grow, the encryption capabilities of ZENworks Endpoint Security Management are needed now more than ever,” said Joe Wagner, senior vice president and general manager of Novell Systems and Resource Management. “With the increase in computing mobility, we are also seeing an increase in corporate data breaches and lost equipment. ZENworks Endpoint Security Management can help customers secure their network and defend their corporate data, without inhibiting their employees from using the tools they need to do their jobs effectively.” <br />

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