Novell and HP Launch Linux Solution Seminar

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Novell and HP will furnish a road map for deploying Linux in the enterprise and provide a methodology for assessing internal readiness, identifying hardware and software opportunities and developing a rollout plan that works in the Novell and HP Solution Seminar “Delivering & Deploying Linux Across the Enterprise.” The tour will run May 4 to 13, 2004.

“Hewlett-Packard is going to use Novell’s SUSE Linux distribution as its standard for its enterprise desktop and notebook line for Linux. HP has had a long relationship with SUSE Linux; it offers server products across their line, and this is an opportunity to go out with a well-known partner,” said Bruce Lowry, director of public relations at Novell. “The tour will feature day stops in 33 major cities in the United States and Canada. Presentations will be delivered about best practices to deploy Linux, putting Linux into UNIX and NT infrastructures, some TCO stuff, case studies, desktop and productivity collaboration. It all supports the broader Linux strategy to reduce barriers to adoption in the enterprise.”


The tour will inform potential and current customers on migration issues they should address when deploying Linux systems. “Our stated strategy is to reduce barriers in the enterprise adoption of Linux. One of the ways we do that is with the certification process,” Lowry said. “Companies say, gosh I like this Linux concept but how do I know there’s people out there who can deploy it for me and can fix it if things go wrong? How can we give customers confidence that there are qualified personnel who have gone through a rigorous training process to obtain expertise in that platform? The seminar doesn’t include a training component, it’s just another piece in Novell’s active efforts to get to the enterprise and talk about why customers can feel safe about deploying Linux now.”

To register for a seminar, for a full list of Novell and HP Solution Seminar cities and dates or for more information about Novell’s Linux strategy and offerings, visit

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