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Feature Articles


Certification Feature
Certification Top 10 Lists Revisited
Ed Tittel
There are more than 850 certifications dotting today’s IT certification landscape. So how do you determine which ones will help you achieve your career goals? Use our Top 10 lists to figure out which certifications might be right for you.


Job Roles Feature
Database Architect: Getting to the Top
Bob Winding

Across the range of possible job roles in the IT industry, database architects hold a coveted spot in the highest echelon in terms of status and compensation. CertMag’s Job Roles feature will explain the proficiencies, knowledge, training and education needed to succeed in this esteemed occupation.

Techniques Feature
The Impact of Dynamic IT
Brian Summerfield

Dynamic IT takes an all-encompassing view of technology, from the tools that comprise a technical infrastructure to the organizational objectives they serve. It’s a trend is being driven largely by customers who want a “big picture” view of IT, and techies who want to thrive in their careers must learn to adapt to it.




Tech Careers
Ten Mistakes Keeping You From Getting an Interview
Katherine Spencer Lee

You’ve sent out plenty of resumes, but you have had no luck landing interviews. You feel you have a desirable skill set and should be in high demand. Why aren’t employers calling?


Consultant’s Corner
Can Problogging Build your Bottom Line?

David Garrett
Blogs let you show off your knowledge of Java, Windows or adware detection, proving your knowledge better than any sales shtick. They also attract readers who convert — sometimes quickly — into clients.


Virtual Village

Data Stream
News & Notes for Certified Professionals


Why Go to College?

Brian Summerfield
What matters most to the majority of techies is that people can do a job well. Whether they have a degree from a four-year postsecondary institution is largely immaterial. Should it be, though?




Northrop Grumman IT: Developing Tomorrow’s Applications Today
Cari McLean

From the Internal Revenue Service to the Department of Homeland Security, Northrop Grumman’s more than 18,500 IT professionals develop information, engineering and business solutions that ensure security and optimal performance for a variety of U.S. government agencies.


Inside Certification
ISACA Certs: Continuing to Grow in Demand and Importance
Sarah Stone Wunder

Security and auditing are two of the hottest niches in IT today, and ISACA’s Certified Information Systems Auditors (CISA) and Certified Information Security Managers (CISM) credentials represent the intersection of these two fields. With more than 50,000 CISAs and 6,000 CISMs, the demand for ISACA certifications keeps on growing.




Editor’s Letter
A Lot of Lists
Tim Sosbe

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