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Feature Articles


Certification Feature
Advanced Certifications: Taking Your Career to New Heights
Patrick von Schlag
When you like what you do, it can be tempting to simply stay put. But if you want to increase your job stability–and income–earning advanced certifications and taking the next step forward in your career can help.


Job Roles Feature
A Path Through the Service and Support Professional’s World

Ann D. Miller

There’s more to the service and support profession than taking calls from angry customers. This month, we chart a course through the world of the service center from entry level through management.



Techniques Feature
Lifelong Learning: Assess Your Needs and Find New Ways to Grow Knowledge
Ed Tittel

One key to career success is looking backwards to see where you’ve been, then using that information to plan where you’ll go next. Here are some steps you can take to find out how far you’ve come, and to plan how far you can go.




Tech Careers
Battling Back from Burnout
Katherine Spencer Lee

Years of demanding workloads have taken their toll, and you’ve discovered your motivation isn’t quite what it used to be. For instance, you once would have looked forward to the challenge of revamping the company’s Web site. Now, you dread all of the work involved.


Consultant’s Corner
Taking the Independent Plunge: Dip Your Feet or Dive Headfirst?

Gene Zaino
If you’ve never explored the world of independent consulting, you may regard those who have with a combination of admiration and envy. You might see them as a different breed of people: fearless, entrepreneurial—embodiments of the career and life you would choose if you could only conjure up enough courage.


Virtual Village
Virtual Village: One-Stop Shopping for Community News
All IT professionals can feel at home in the Virtual Village—Certification Magazine’s connection to its job-role-focused online communities—whether their offices are in the Bay Area, New Delhi, Berlin or any point in between. That’s because in each of our municipal modules, we bring to the fore the hottest, most interesting and important issues within 14 different IT disciplines. This month, we’ll round up some of the top themes in our communities, on subjects ranging from server suites to peeved end users.


Data Stream
Data Stream News & Notes for Certified Professionals


IT’s Elusive Bottom Line

Brian Summerfield, Web Editor
Quick: What’s your IT department worth? If you had to put it on an eBay auction, what would you set the minimum bid at? It’s not the kind of question that lends itself to easy answers. First of all, you have to consider the dollar value of the PCs, servers, software and other infrastructure in your calculations. Then, you might throw in the number of staff, the amount of floor space occupied and the solutions rolled out for enterprise operation and management.




The U.S. Postal Service: A Mailbox of Skills and Certifications
Kellye Whitney, Associate Editor

With the third-largest infrastructure in the world, the U.S. Postal Service needs highly qualified IT professionals on its staff of more than 1,300. Find out from James Golden, manager for IT governance, what it takes to succeed in this critical department.


Inside Certification
Red Hat Certified Security Specialist: A New Hat for Linux Professionals
Randy Russell

IT Security remains one of the hottest areas within the discipline, and with growing threats, that’s not likely to change anytime soon. Red Hat is meeting demands with security-focused, performance-based certification.


Specialty Certification
Cisco Certifications: Qualifying the SpecialistsCindy Hoffmann

Recently lauded for its high ROI and great pay raises, the Cisco Qualified Specialist program is not the best-known of Cisco’s certifications. However, by homing in on specific IT functions, the program certifies specialized skills.




Editor’s Letter
Something to Talk About
Tim Sosbe


Letters to the Editor

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