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Learning With Style: What’s Your Learning Personality?
Ed Tittel
Candidates spend long hours on study an training to earn their coveted certifications. Knowing your personal learning style can help you choose the best methods to reach your goals.



Facilitating Efficient Data Management
Craig S. Mullins
Information is the hub of modern business, and database administrators manage the systems the create, store and deliver that data. Database management systems can help streamline the process.

Network Tools: Checking Connectivity: Ping Me, Ping You
Douglas Mechaber
When e-mail goes down, IT departments are inundated with calls from frustrated users. The right monitoring tools can help you uncover the problems and get communications up and running.

Security Tools: How Vulnerable Is Your Network?
Douglas Schweitzer
To understand your network’s vulnerabilities, take a look from the hacker’s perspective. Vulnerability scanners level the playing field and provide a window into the network.

Tech Tools: Saving the Store: Disaster Recovery Tools
Emily Hollis
Disasters can have a catastrophic effect on unprepared businesses. A disaster recovery plan and the right tools can help you get things back to normal quickly.



The Fundamentals of IP Telephony
Monique Milligan
IP traffic on the network grew 75 percent in 2003, and 2004 revenues are expected to grow to $14.9 billion. Learning the basics of this cutting-edge technology is essential to working with IP-based networks.

How-To…Manage Selection Criteria for E-Mail Spam Filtration
David Gerhart
Spam never seems to stop flowing in, often bringing malicious code with it. Knowing how to choose a spam filtration solution can help stem the tide.

Security: The Challenge of VoIP Security
Uday O. Ali Pabrai
VoIP carries voice calls over an IP network. Security professionals must prepare for VoIP-related challenges and ensure communications are smooth and secure.



The Value of Storage Certification
Peter Manijak
Storage networking is becoming increasingly specialized and complex. Through storage certification, IT professionals can prove their value to employers and build their careers.

Building Bridges: Making a Graceful Exit From a Job
Katherine Spencer Lee
When you find work with a new employer, it’s important to ensure a smooth transition. This month, we look at some steps to leaving your current job without burning any bridges.

Securing Value: The HP Certified Professional Program
Matthew Stevens & Barbara Sandro
Following the acquisition of Compaq, HP needed to integrate the two certification programs. This task is now complete, and HP is offering a solid value proposition with its updated program.

Specialized Cisco Certifications Prepare Business for Change
Rick Stiffler
Advanced technologies promise to help maintain a competitive edge. Cisco’s specializations in wireless, IP telephony and storage help IT professionals ensure advanced technologies deliver on their promises.



Psychometrics 101: Test Quality
David Foster, Ph.D.

The Quest for the IT Security Professional
Martin Bean



Editor’s Letter
Tim Sosbe
Connecting With Growth


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CertMag’s Letters to the Editor

CloseUp: QuarkXPress Certification
Ed Tittel
Quark’s QuarkXPress Certified Expert identifies proficiency in designing and delivering products using the company’s flagship desktop publishing/page layout program. Here’s more information on the program.

Project Management Success Factors Part 4: Create a Clear Plan
Elizabeth and Richard Larson
In the fourth installment in this series, we take a six-step approach to creating a solid project plan—a road map and communications and control tool for project managers throughout the project’s duration.

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