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Certification Top 10 Lists
Ed Tittel
With so many credentials available today, sometimes a certification shopper needs a little assistance. That’s just what we offer this month, grouping certs by various topic lists to help you find the acronym that will work for you.

Avoiding Training Redundancies
Monique Milligan
One problem with the array of available acronyms is crossover materials, meaning IT professionals pursuing complementary credentials may see similarities while studying. Vendor-neutral programs may be the answer for your career.



CertMag’s CompTIA StudyGuide



Maintaining Existing Certifications
Ed Tittel
With technology ever changing, many certification programs come with expiration dates. Keeping up with your credentials is the only way to make them work for you.

Prove What You Can Do, Times Two: Inside RHCT and RHCE
Peter Childers
Already a leader with its RHCE credential, Red Hat also helps people move ahead with the RHCT program. Performance-based testing keeps the certifications current.

Becoming a Technical Writer
Jeff Riley
In trying times, professionals often find creative applications for their skills. If you’re thinking of authoring an IT manual, our guide will help you start out right.

Enterprise Security Strategy
Uday O. Ali Pabrai
Today’s businesses face a variety of threats to their information, ideas and people, making a company’s security strategy critical to survival. It’s security professionals like you who make the systems safe.



The Benefits of Strategic Partnerships
David Garrett
Sometimes on the magical mystery tour that is your career, you need a little help from your friends. Finding trustworthy strategic partners can help consultants navigate a long and winding road.

Retooling Your Resume
Paula Moreira
When job competition is stiff, the first hurdle job-seekers must clear is getting noticed and landing an interview. Try retooling your resume to make the most of your only opportunity for attention.

Managing Time and Money
Ed Tittel
There’s a lot to know to ensure success as an IT expert, but not all of it is technical. Being able to effectively manage your time and money will only continue to help your career.

Adult Learner Student Rights
Ann Beheler
For the most part, adult learners take classes because they want—or need—to learn. Trainers must remember that when the motivation is high, so are the expectations.



Career Security and Growth
Martin Bean

Doing Something About Test Security
David Foster, Ph.D.


Editor’s Letter
Tim Sosbe
The Countdown Begins

Letters to the Editor


CertMag on the Web

Microsoft Solutions Framework Practitioner
Holly Dyas
IT professionals often work under a variety of pressures to perform. Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) provides the necessary guidance to meet these demands and challenges, directly addressing the most common causes of IT project failure.

Security Certifications: Boosting Business
Stuart Nelsen
Studies show that security certifications pay off for both business and professionals. This special case study details what return on investment the credentials can bring you.

Great Jobs, Difficult Bosses
Katherine Spencer Lee
You may love the work and appreciate the pay, but if sparks fly between you and your boss, how happy can you be? Before you roll out the resume, realize that there are ways for everyone to get along.

CloseUp: Telecom-Related Certification Programs
Ed Tittel
Embracing various disciplines, the wider umbrella of telecom-related certification programs is growing. This month, Ed points out some high spots on the professional landscape.

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