NorthgateArinso to Deliver Outsourced Talent Management Based on SAP ERP Human Capital Management

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<strong>Atlanta &mdash; April 15</strong><br />NorthgateArinso announced a business process outsourcing (BPO) agreement with SAP AG, extending NorthgateArinso&#39;s BPO services, Powered by SAP. It will enable NorthgateArinso to deliver additional services further up the HR value chain, expanding provision of payroll and employee administration services to offering customers full human capital management outsourced solutions, using its preconfigured euHReka HR services platform. This builds on more than a decade of providing human resources integration, consultancy and outsourcing expertise in support of SAP solutions.<br /><br />SAP&#39;s human capital management platform approach leverages the SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM) solution to its full extent and delivers significant cost savings, not just through introducing automation and increased efficiency to enabling HR transactions such as payroll, but right around the entire employee lifecycle, within and beyond HR. By combining enabling processes &mdash; such as administration and payroll &mdash; with talent management processes &mdash; such as recruitment, performance management and learning &mdash; on one platform like euHReka, HR departments can now be more responsive to business needs and prepare for the future. They can also more tightly align with other business processes typically run on ERP platforms. <br /><br />"Talent management is proving to be a significant component of human resources outsourcing, with increasing numbers of buyers looking to include processes such as recruiting, learning and performance management in HRO transactions," said Monica Barron, vice president of research at the Everest Research Institute. "Buyers are looking for a combination of process expertise, technology and tools to support talent management, and the blended offering and delivery capabilities of both NorthgateArinso and SAP should help to meet a growing demand in the marketplace."<br /><br />"We are determined to help customers benefit from SAP solutions, irrespective of their mode of deployment," said Eduard Kaussner, global head, HCM BPO at SAP. "Extending our BPO-focused collaboration with NorthgateArinso to talent management will contribute significantly to the success our joint customers will derive from outsourcing these and other HR processes. NorthgateArinso is now able to deliver tailored talent management services to its customers, while leveraging the power of a repeatable and integrated approach, thanks to the strength of SAP&#39;s solutions and standards."<br /><br />"This agreement with SAP means we can make the long-promised benefits of an integrated approach to talent management a reality," said Martin Mackay, business development director at Northgate Information Solutions. "Companies can have a unified view of talent management processes for acquiring, motivating and developing talent, essential to enabling business success. NorthgateArinso&#39;s strong track record of delivering BPO services Powered by SAP to global customers based upon our euHReka platform gives us the perfect foundation to expand our offering to integrated talent management, adding our consultancy expertise to the strength of the platform to deliver comprehensive HR services."<br />

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