Non-IT Professionals Express Growing Interest in SNIA Certs

The recession may have led people to tighten their purse strings, but it hasn’t diminished the popularity or value of certain vendor-neutral certifications.

Recent research by Foote Partners LLC has revealed that three certifications offered by the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) — the Certified Systems Engineer, Certified Architect and Certified Storage Networking Expert — increased in value by 9 to 12 percent toward the end of 2008.

Moreover, the fact that the credentials are vendor-neutral has proven to be advantageous to job seekers.

“We’ve found that most students who earn our credentials have a particular vendor-specific certification already, and what they’re looking for is a broader exposure to the technology — particularly something as complex as storage networking,” said Rick Bauer, technology and education director for SNIA.

“There are a lot of different moving parts, so a more holistic look at the data center — from a foundation aspect to management to architecture — is what’s needed,” he added.

This experience equips candidates with skills that may be more marketable in today’s competitive job market. For instance, a candidate may be in a position to influence storage equipment purchasing decisions when called upon by CTOs.

“[CTOs] want to get an answer from someone who’s got a comprehensive exposure to all the technologies, not just a particular one,” Bauer said. “SNIA-certified [individuals] can advise those buying decisions well because they understand all the different parts and how they work together.”

In January, SNIA introduced the SNIA Qualified Storage…

Deanna Hartley


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