Nokia Siemens Networks Dials Up SuccessFactors to Create Consistent Operating Model

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<p><strong>San Mateo, Calif.</strong> </p><p>SuccessFactors Inc., a provider of on-demand performance and talent management solutions, announced that Nokia Siemens Networks, one of the world&rsquo;s largest network communications companies with 60,000 employees, has implemented the SuccessFactors Performance and Talent Management suite to drive consistency across its global operations.</p><p>Nokia Siemens Networks, the result of a merger between the network communications divisions of Nokia and Siemens, sought technology to help it unite employees of the newly formed company and called on SuccessFactors to build a common culture and operating model for its high-performing employees. Nokia Siemens Networks has demonstrated its commitment to engaging and developing its workforce by deploying SuccessFactors to manage performance, goal alignment and compensation.<br /><br />As it reorganized a newly combined company, the management team launched a program to create corporate consistency and organizational stability for its workforce. In deploying SuccessFactors to manage performance and goal alignment, managers are enabled to run their businesses more effectively. With 360-degree reviews, Nokia Siemens Networks employees can receive performance feedback from a variety of different sources including self and peer review &mdash; and even external sources &mdash; to get more insightful and realistic assessments of performance, competency gaps and development needs. SuccessFactors&rsquo; compensation module covers 97 countries and 70 currencies, 900 merit guidelines and more than 5,000 salary matrices to correctly reward individual effort based on performance.<br /><br />&ldquo;Nokia Siemens Networks is building an organization and culture that constantly evolves to address our customers&rsquo; key challenges and lead industry change. This can only be accomplished through an engaged and informed workforce,&rdquo; said Bosco Novak, head of human resources for Nokia Siemens Networks. &ldquo;As the first enterprise-wide application we&rsquo;ve deployed, we see SuccessFactors as a major achievement for our company and as a platform for our future people processes. The positive feedback from both employees as well as line managers confirms our decision to deploy the system in this important phase of building the new company.&rdquo;<br /><br />&ldquo;SuccessFactors&rsquo; solutions are ideally positioned to reduce the complexity that can accompany mergers and acquisitions, so we&rsquo;re thrilled to partner with Nokia Siemens Networks on its people performance initiatives,&rdquo; said Lars Dalgaard, chief executive officer for SuccessFactors. &ldquo;When corporate and employee goals are aligned and communicated, the end result dramatically impacts the bottom line, and the workforce is energized as they see how their work contributes to overall company performance. We&rsquo;re pleased to welcome Nokia Siemens Networks as one of our largest EMEA customers.&rdquo; <br /></p>

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