Ninth House Receives Positive Rating in Report

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<p><strong>San Francisco &mdash; July 18</strong><br />Ninth House Inc., a leadership solutions company, received a &quot;positive&quot; rating in Gartner&#39;s May 2007 MarketScope report on Content Courseware.</p><p>For vendors that received a &quot;positive&quot; rating, the report advises current customers to &quot;continue incremental investments&quot; and potential customers to &quot;put this vendor on a short list of tactical alternatives.&quot;<br /><br />&quot;Ninth House is honored to be rated as &#39;positive&#39; in Gartner&#39;s analysis,&quot; CEO Jeff Snipes said. &quot;We feel receiving a &#39;positive&#39; rating really underscores our position as a key player in leadership courseware, and we believe the report validates the value that Ninth House brings to the market with our rich, high-quality programs that deliver real results.&quot;<br /><br />&quot;High-quality content is indispensable to the success of a company&#39;s e-learning efforts,&quot; the Gartner report states. &quot;Use rich media and interactivity in content courseware to hold worker attention and increase knowledge retention. Buy e-learning courses off the shelf whenever it creates cost savings and consider custom development for high-value uses that are unique to your enterprise, however, high quality and interactivity are mandatory criteria for all modalities of courseware offerings.&quot;<br /><br />Using highly engaging simulation, cinematic video and content from experts such as Ken Blanchard and Tom Peters, Ninth House solutions immerse the learner in a storyline, producing a high success rate for retention<br />and practical application back to the job environment. </p><p>Ninth House also has taken the quality of its off-the-shelf courseware to develop successful custom solutions for many of its Fortune 500 clients.<br /><br />The 11 companies noted in the study are described as the &quot;most likely candidates for broad content courseware offerings provided by a single vendor.&quot; </p><p>Each was evaluated based on marketing strategy, geographic strategy, overall viability, market responsiveness/track record, innovation and the actual products or services.</p>

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