Next-Generation Laserfiche 8 Optimizes IT Infrastructure By Seamlessly Integrating Content with Business Processes

<strong>Los Angeles &mdash; Jan. 14</strong><br />Laserfiche, a pioneer in the document management industry, introduced its next-generation software, Laserfiche 8, to more than 1,000 members of the Laserfiche community at their annual conference at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport. <br /><br />Laserfiche 8 will provide an open, scalable, service-oriented architecture that allows organizations to unify information coming from disparate sources in multiple formats and transparently provides knowledge workers with critical information on-demand. By providing actionable information in the proper context, Laserfiche 8 promotes higher worker productivity, lower overhead costs, better informed decision making, better client service and more agile business processes at an attractive price point.<br /><br />Advanced capture and data processing capabilities and an integrated and extensible workflow engine provide the ability to capture content at the point of creation and automatically deliver it to decision makers, without interrupting their daily activities. With DoD 5015.2-certified records management capabilities built in to the core architecture, Laserfiche provides the ability to automatically and transparently manage the lifecycles of all corporate information assets in accordance with regulatory compliance mandates.<br /><br />Laserfiche is the industry leader in delivering a scalable document management solution that can be rapidly implemented to provide information through an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Laserfiche 8 builds on that track record by offering an extensive workflow automation platform built on an industry standard foundation that can be easily integrated with other applications. Laserfiche 8 also provides a standard messaging service and programming interface that facilitates real-time synchronization with enterprise systems and…



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