News & Notes for IT Professionals April 2006

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Feature Articles


Certification Feature
Branching Out: Creating Global IT Communities
Kellye Whitney
When you’re preparing for certification exams, sometimes you need a little helping hand. Luckily, certification vendors and others offer places for IT professionals to meet—online and offline—to share information and knowledge.


Job Roles Feature
My First Teach: A Trainer’s Life Behind the Scenes
Mike Renzi

Preparing to teach technical topics can be a long and complex process. Top-notch technical instructors rely on four pillars to be the best in their field–knowledge, experience, personal skills and class preparation.

Techniques Feature
The Cutting Edge: New Technologies to Watch
Eric Vanderburg

You know you need to stay ahead of the curve to remain a top commodity in the IT job market. This month, we look at developments in wireless, telecommunications and software that can help you get ahead.




Tech Careers
Your First 100 Days on the Job
Katherine Spencer Lee

The first 100 days on the job can shape management’s opinions about your potential in your new role and within the organization. Early impressions can be lasting ones, so keep the following advice in mind.


Consultant’s Corner
Personal Knowledge Management: A Bold Tool

David Garrett
Personal knowledge management has long been popular with MBA students, corporate bigwigs and others who prize learning as a performance catalyst. And although it might sound arcane, it can help you know more, do more and earn more with ease.


Virtual Village
Keeping It Real

Data Stream
News & Notes for Certified Professionals


Major Emerging IT Markets

Brian Summerfield
Where’s the information technology industry headed over the short-, medium- and long-term? Not surprisingly, it’s in emerging markets around the world.




U.S. Navy: Navigating Technology Careers
Brian Summerfield

As the U.S. Navy puts the concept of network-centric warfare into practice, it relies heavily on skilled IT professionals–both in and out of uniform–to keep its strategies afloat. Learn more about what it takes to work as an IT pro for the Navy.


Inside Certification
Sun: Finding the Perfect Blend of Java Certifications
Gary Fluitt

A year after its introduction, Sun’s Java had far more impact than expected, and the company created Java certifications to help IT professionals get up to speed. Today, Sun’s various Java certifications are some of the most valuable programmer and developer credentials out there.


Specialty Certification
Targeted Certifications: Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Al Valvano & Sondra Webber

Microsoft is still evolving its certification program to match the needs of technical professionals and their employers more closely. Learn how the SQL Server 2005 certifications validate your skill sets and knowledge.




Editor’s Letter
Adopt, Adapt and Improve
Tim Sosbe

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