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<strong>Cleveland &mdash; Jan. 30</strong><br />Building on the success of their Virtual Job Tryout, Shaker Consulting Group has entered into a joint venture with Shaker Technology Group to support the rich candidate experience offered by the Virtual Job Tryout. The move reflects significant market acceptance of the recruiting technology.<br /><br />A Virtual Job Tryout transforms the typically bland process of posting a resume online into an eye-opening, interactive job application. Candidates get a realistic view of the company and the job while participating in simulations that mirror various elements of the job and assess the candidate&rsquo;s performance potential.<br /><br />Shaker Consulting Group provides the science of performance evaluation for the Virtual Job Tryout, while technology partner Shaker Technology Group creates the online environment and captures data from each candidate&rsquo;s tryout. The Shaker Technology Group team, led by Robert D. (Dusty) Woodall, had previously been a part of Centurion Systems, a technology-based training development company in Atlanta.<br /><br />&ldquo;Because of the growth of our Virtual Job Tryout, we wanted a dedicated resource to support development and deployment,&rdquo; stated Joseph Murphy, a vice president at Shaker Consulting Group. &ldquo; Dusty and his team bring robust design skills to optimize the candidate experience and database capabilities to provide recruiters with easy access to candidate profiles. Having this dedicated resource will ensure our ability to support the Virtual Job Tryouts already online and to accelerate innovation and development of future versions and enhancements.&rdquo;<br /><br />&ldquo;We enjoy applying our creative production technologies to help Shaker Consulting Group create a unique, engaging and interactive environment for job candidates,&rdquo; said Woodall. &ldquo;Now, as Shaker Technology Group, we&rsquo;ll be able to focus all our resources on creating and evolving the Virtual Job Tryout experience.&rdquo;<br /><br />Companies that have engaged Shaker Consulting Group to create customized, highly interactive Virtual Job Tryouts include Starbucks, Sherwin-Williams, National City Corp., Toshiba, Quest Diagnostics and CVS. To date more than a quarter-million candidates have participated in Virtual Job Tryouts, resulting in the hiring of thousands of qualified individuals.<br />

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