Industries Engage Contact Center Outsourcers

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<p><strong>London &mdash; May 22 </strong><br />There will be considerable investment in contact center outsourcing across western countries over the coming five years, but according to a report by independent market analyst Datamonitor, &ldquo;The Future of Vertical Investment in Contact Center Outsourcing,&rdquo; the pace of investment will depend on particular industries.&nbsp; </p><p>In addition, there also will be significant geographic considerations in terms of outsourcing propensity by industry.<br /><br />A regional analysis of vertical contact center outsourcing shows the largest investors by industry tend to be telecommunications, manufacturing and financial services.&nbsp; </p><p>Datamonitor, however, notes that this is likely due to many concurrences in attitudes toward third-party customer care among particular industries, as well as heavy offshore deployments from western business in both Asia Pacific (APAC) and the Caribbean and Latin America (CALA).<br /><br />Financial services, telcos, manufacturing and retail have long been the backbone of vertical contact center outsourcing clients, and Datamonitor expects this will continue to the case through 2012.&nbsp; </p><p>Peter Ryan, Datamonitor senior analyst, however, said focusing on contact center outsourcing and services, the pace of these deployments will slow.<br /><br />&ldquo;Unquestionably, these mature markets have proven the value of third-party customer care in their own operations,&quot; he said. &quot;In fact, Datamonitor expects contact center agents positions (APs) associated with mature vertical markets globally to increase from 953,000 in 2007 to over 1.2 million by 2012.&nbsp; </p><p>&quot;However, annual growth will slow from 10 percent to approximately 3 percent through this same period, as outsourcing investment by these industries matures.&quot; &nbsp;<br /><br />Ryan is quick to point out the increase in business associated with energy and utilities, health care, the public sector, and travel and tourism, which Datamonitor projects to collectively grow from an estimated 154,000 APs by year end to 229,000 in 2012 &mdash; a compounded annual growth rate of more than 8 percent.<br /><br />&ldquo;New industry segments are finally coming to realize the possibilities of growth associated with contact center outsourcing,&quot; Ryan said. &quot;In certain cases, such as travel and tourism and utilities, this may be due to the growing need for top-end customer care, so as to promote customer retention.&nbsp; </p><p>&quot;Conversely, there is much evidence to show that sectors facing cost constraints like government and health care are also interested in the cost savings that can be recouped from outsourcing, in addition to a heightened caller experience&rdquo;<br /><br />Many contact center outsourcers are working hard to tailor vertically focused solutions to existing clients and prospects as a means of differentiation. <br /><br />&ldquo;It is clear based on Datamonitor&rsquo;s research that each industry has its own particularities, and with that in mind, one-size-fits all solutions are not necessarily going to work in the current competitive environment,&quot; Ryan said. &quot;Thus, recognizing the issues and challenges related to verticals based on their location and maturity are key, in addition to increasing customer retention and satisfaction.&rdquo;</p>

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