XMei Brief Highlights Business Solutions in China

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<p><strong>Walnut Creek, Calif. &mdash; May 8</strong><br />China has become a must-win market in U.S. corporate growth strategies, but what works in the United States doesn&rsquo;t always translate, according to a new brief by XMei International, a business consulting and development organization with expertise in Chinese business practices and their cultural impact.<br /><br />As the fastest-developing economy in the world today, China offers many opportunities to multinational organizations &mdash; but many challenges, as well. </p><p>In a concise summary, XMei pinpoints three of the biggest hurdles to U.S. companies seeking to do business in China:<br /></p><ul><li><strong>Cultural differences. </strong>Western, democratic management styles devoid of interpersonal relationship will leave Chinese co-workers cold. Foreigners need to understand the Chinese mindset and value system to succeed.</li><li><strong>Talent management. </strong>China is experiencing a talent shortage at every level, sending salaries through the roof as desperate companies lure employees away from their competitors. The average turnover in Shanghai and Beijing is 20 percent to 25 percent.</li><li><strong>Quality of leadership. </strong>Key leadership skills that spell success on the global market often are lacking in the current crop of Chinese employees. Some industry segments are growing by as much as 30 percent per year.</li></ul><p>In &quot;Doing Business in China: A Brief on Best Practices For U.S. Companies,&quot; XMei discusses each of these hurdles in turn and offers solutions to effectively clear them. </p><p>The solutions come from business leaders with extensive experience in China, including Donny Huang, managing director of 4stones Cross-cultural Consulting Group; Heidrick &amp; Struggles International Inc., a global executive search firm; and the Stanford Project on Regions of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SPRIE).<br /><br />Huang and Kyung Yoon, vice chairman of Heidrick &amp; Struggles, are among the many business experts slated to speak at XMei&rsquo;s upcoming conference, &ldquo;Making China Your &lsquo;Gold Mountain,&rsquo;&rdquo; on May 23-25 in South San Francisco. </p><p>The conference is the first event in the United States with influential Chinese HR executives and business leaders from multinational companies, private Chinese companies, Chinese consulting firms and the government.</p>

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