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Sunrise, Fla. — Jan. 8
From leadership development to forklift safety, keeping employees up-to-date, motivated and productive may be the most difficult assignment for companies of all sizes.

But, a newly launched Web site from Everglades Direct Inc., was expertly designed to make that task much easier, whether your company is a local mini-mart or a global corporation.

“Focus groups and market research indicate that training employees continues to be too time consuming and costly for many businesses, despite the wide range of products and services available,” said Jodi Katz, market research manager for EDI.

For success in the 21st-century business world, employee training is critical.

“The key trait shared by successful employees is confidence,” said Juniper Germain, organizational development specialist with “Employee confidence begins with competence, so employee training is a critical component in creating and maintaining a productive workforce.

“Without employee training,” she continued, “your company can easily slip behind the competition, because no amount of slick merchandising can compensate for badly trained employees who miss sales opportunities, bungle orders or alienate customers.”

Unfortunately, many business leaders consider employee training to be a luxury only large corporations can afford. That, says Germain, is only a myth. To prove it to yourself, she says, visit and take a quick tour of the site.

A Full-Service Training Solution for Employers

“Whereas before, a business owner or supervisor would have to search a variety of different sources to find the right training tool,” Germain explained, “ offers a one-stop source for everything you need. Multiple providers offer their products and services on the site, so all you have to do is click their links to get what you need, directly from them.”

The site covers the full range of timely topics in today’s training world, new technologies, ideas and information, tips and tools. Specifically, solutions and service providers can be found in such areas as:

• Accounting and finance.
• Computer and information technology skills.
• Labor law compliance.
• Health, safety and security in the workplace.
• Human resources management.
• Industry-specific expertise.
• Management and leadership development.
• Professional and career advancement.
• Sales and marketing.
• Meeting and event planning.

Portal Showcases Expert Training Providers

Vendors, consultants and other unaffiliated companies can obtain featured space on and its catalog counterpart to promote their products and services.

Ongoing site enhancements based on user feedback are anticipated throughout 2008. The goal is to ensure TrainingTime provides a valuable experience for all those tasked with business training and development, regardless of their current expertise.

Everglades Direct Inc., which has specialized in human resources solutions for more than 20 years, developed TrainingTime to provide a one-stop resource for workplace training and development products, services and information across a variety of formats, topics and industries.

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