New Technology Blends Online Social Networks and TV

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<strong>Olympia, London &mdash; March 26 </strong><br />Neptuny and TVBLOB announce BLOBwise, the first social TV recommendation system for over-the-top Internet protocol television (IPTV). Based on Neptuny&#39;s ContentWise engine, BLOBwise, along with a Telsey BLOBbox radically change what&#39;s possible on TV. Users expand their range of content options including EPG, podcasts, pay-per-view VOD and other Internet TV channels and services, plus experience never before possible social interactivity on TV. <br /><br />"We are very happy to work with Neptuny because of their visionary approach in applying the spirit of the Internet to TV," said Fabrizio Caffarelli, TVBLOB CEO and founder. "They go beyond unidirectional recommendations that are based only on a user&#39;s taste and history and integrate new Web 2.0 social media possibilities. In fact, BLOBwise also leverages a user&#39;s social networks to provide suggestions of relevant content highlighted by friends and family; privacy is protected by considering just relationships and ignoring sensitive data." <br /><br />TVBLOB integrated the ContentWise technology in the BLOBbox middleware, making it accessible to a whole new range of TV-centric consumer electronics devices that promise average television viewers new freedom in using their televisions by letting them directly tap into the explosion of content and services available on the Internet.<br /><br />"Once the richness of Internet arrives directly on TV &mdash; and BLOBbox is making this possible &mdash; the challenge for users will quickly become how to find and discover what&#39;s most relevant and interesting to them," said Fabio Violante, Neptuny CEO. "ContentWise works transparently in the background, processing only relevant data and providing personalized recommendations available on the television screen. It&#39;s a great way to streamline the content discovery process and a whole new way to experience TV."<br /><br />Content recommendation applications that leverage Facebook and BLOBwise are planned to be publicly available this summer. TVBLOB has released a free, open source SDK available at, an open source TV development community that lets developers invent new services for TV while using standard web technologies like Java, Ajax, HTML and open Web technologies.<br />

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