New Software Provides Single Platform for MDM and Data-Quality Initiatives

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Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.
Melissa Data, a provider of high-performance data-quality, contact-data verification and mail-management solutions, announced new software called the Total Data Quality Integration Toolkit (TDQ-IT).

The new TDQ-IT integrates into Microsoft’s SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS 2005/2008) to deliver the full spectrum of data-quality processes as defined by industry analysts including: data profiling, cleansing, parsing and standardization, matching and monitoring at an affordable price within SSIS.

“Melissa Data has leveraged the extensibility of the SSIS platform to create components that support Data Quality and master data management (MDM) including the address verification that Melissa Data is known for. This is an excellent example of how our partners enhance the value of SSIS, allowing customers to access best-of-breed functionality seamlessly integrated with SSIS,” said Denise Draper, Microsoft unit manager for SSIS.

“Our observations show that 60 percent or more of our customers’ databases contain outdated, flawed or data with one or more errors,” said Bud Walker, product manager for Melissa Data. “Data-quality issues and the need to integrate increasingly complex enterprise data — in all its different formats, structures and sources — makes it increasingly difficult for IT organizations to deliver a single, comprehensive view of critical information assets.”

Melissa Data solves this problem by leveraging the integration capabilities inherent in Microsoft’s SSIS. Both SSIS and TDQ-IT can be employed quickly to integrate large volumes of diverse data sources with complex transformations and data cleansing for a wide variety of data-quality and MDM applications. In addition TDQ-IT will provide a sharable data driven architecture, providing reusable library of transformations within Microsoft SSIS.

”Because TDQ-IT integrates into and leverages SSIS, we are able to offer a single, unified platform at a fraction of the cost of other enterprise data integration platforms,” said Walker. “It’s full-featured, scalable and delivers the lowest cost of ownership for data quality — period. And the software has an easy-to-use GUI that delivers ‘any source, any target’ capabilities without the need for complex programming.”

Demonstration videos and sample SSIS packages of all six data quality processes are available at:

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