New Site Helps Unemployed Find Temp Work

For James Bond fans everywhere, the phrase "odd job" probably brings to mind the petite, hat-flinging villain of films past. Scary as he may be, the phrase's new connotations may be even scarier, as unemployed and increasingly desperate Americans turn to quirky or unorthodox ways to make ends meet.

Just as in the James Bond films, however, help is on the way. This time it's in the form of, a newly launched Web site that promises to help “turn that pink-slip into a golden ticket.” Job seekers are provided with city-by-city listings of temporary vocations from the boring to the bizarre. The site also offers tips on everything from how to ride out the wave of unemployment to saving money to dating cheaply, and it hosts an exclusive Web series titled “Odd Jobs,” a comedy about two twentysomethings who find creative ways to pay their New York rent.

“Contrary to popular opinion, the loss of your job isn’t the end of the world," said the site's founder, Jeremy Redleaf. "If anything, it’s just the beginning of new world — maybe even a more exciting, satisfying world.”

Since its launch in early March, has received more than 500,000 hits and averages about 10,000 visits a day. And what began as a resource for those only in major metropolitan areas now provides listings for upwards of 600 cities.

Recent listings have sought a “surfer dude” to make local deliveries, "hot grandmas" for a Paris…



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