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<p><strong>Houston &mdash; May 7</strong><br /> There&rsquo;s a new breed of women professionals &mdash; they are experienced, talented and motivated, and they are on a mission to redefine their career path. </p><p>This new generation of professionals is opting to leave corporate America for a more flexible work environment. No longer does having a career force them to sacrifice their family time, nor does it mean sacrificing their career to have a family. </p><p>But where can companies find them?<br /><br /> is a new Web site launching that will help companies locate qualified home workers by enabling professional women to market their skills, experience and education to businesses needing to outsource work. </p><p>Businesses can hire these professionals at a fraction of the cost of hiring traditional employees or contractors for temporary or permanent assignments. </p><p>This creates a win-win relationship where a company gets a high-level professional at a reduced cost, and the professional is able to keep a flexible schedule working from home. &nbsp;<br /><br />Businesses need reliable, motivated, cost-friendly help, and these professionals are eager to prove their talent and skills. </p><p>In fact, the U.S. Census Bureau reports that more than 5.4 million mothers put their careers on hold to stay home with children. </p><p>That adds up to a lot of talented women with experience, education, skills and motivation to find flexible work that can be done from their home office.<br /><br />Lesley Spencer Pyle is founder and president of and Inc. (Home-Based Working Moms), a professional association and online community of parents who work from home and those who would like to. </p><p> Benefits of outsourcing through<br /></p><ul><li>There is never a fee for outsourcing through</li><li>Save on time by sending out one query that goes to multiple candidates. </li><li>You interview, evaluate and decide which candidate is best suited for your project all in one place. </li><li>Ability to tap into the incredible talent and experience of home-based experts throughout the country</li></ul>

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