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San Francisco — Nov. 19
Strategic workforce planning allows an organization to swiftly adapt to changing business conditions and ensure that the right people are in place to execute a long-term strategy. Aruspex is helping organizations get started with the series of reports titled “Strategic Workforce Planning: A Real World Approach to Planning the Right Workforce for Tomorrow’s Organizations.”

The second paper, “Getting Down to Business: How to Workforce Plan,” is now available from Aruspex, a provider of workforce planning software and consulting services. It’s available for free download at

Part one in September introduced the concept of strategic workforce planning — the people equivalent of the financial plan and a critical component of an organization’s business strategy. The new paper describes a framework for strategic workforce planning and provides detailed information on how to begin the process.

“Strategic workforce planning is a vital and valuable process for organizations to undertake,” said Stacy Chapman, Aruspex co-founder. “It’s the only way that companies can ensure that they will have the talent to achieve their strategic goals and be sustainable and competitive.”

The Aruspex Report examines the following topics:
• Successful workforce planning parameters
• The workforce planning value chain
• Choosing the right approach for an organization
• Defining current and future states
• Scenario planning and action planning

“This paper should be read as a menu, not a prescription,” said Tess Walton, Aruspex co-founder. “Strategic workforce planning is a flexible approach. Our report offers core fundamentals, which should be tailored to suit each unique organization.”

The new report also reveals the benefits of successful workforce planning, such as the ability to build tomorrow’s workforce today; a rich picture of the forces and factors that influence an organization’s future; and an advantage in corporate social responsibility.

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