New PeopleSoft Certification Available to All IT Pros

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Readers have often written in asking about the availability of PeopleSoft certification—not surprising, as PeopleSoft is a top software vendor. But until now, PeopleSoft certification has only been available to PeopleSoft partners and consultants. That all changed this week, as PeopleSoft announced its PeopleSoft Certified Professional Program, available to both customers and the general public.




According to Bill Henry, vice president of marketing and strategy for PeopleSoft Global Services, the company took a hard look at certification in 2000. At that time, the top priority for customers was an externally verified benchmark of third-party consultants’ implementation capabilities. “We put the certification program in place in 2000,” said Henry. “Every PeopleSoft consultant in the world is certified. …As we’ve talked to customers, they’ve said, ‘You’ve done a great job of helping us verify consultants’ abilities to implement PeopleSoft, now turn your attention to our employees.’ So we’re going to extend the certification program to allow companies to have their employees certified.”




The first certification in the series will be the PeopleSoft Certified Developer, designed to help technical implementers get the knowledge and skills needed to develop, implement and customize PeopleSoft applications. The company has partnered with Prometric to help develop and deliver the tests. Candidates take prerequisite courses to qualify for the exam.




“The first test we’re coming out with is developer certification,” said Tom Cooper, director of education strategy for PeopleSoft Global Services. “We want to ensure that they have the ability to customize the application.” Cooper said the new certification is a good extension of the existing consulting certification. “When the consultants leave, then if you certify employees you’re in a much better position.”




Registration for the developer exam, which tests candidates on PeopleSoft’s 8.4 toolset, PeopleTools, is now available. Cooper said that candidates are required to take a course prior to attempting the exam. There are basic courses as well as a test-prep e-learning course that can help candidates practice for the test, he added.




Through the PeopleSoft certifications, IT professionals can gain recognition in their field, increase their marketability in the competitive job market and build their productivity on the job, Cooper explained.




Henry said that certification can help decrease the total cost of ownership for PeopleSoft’s products. “Our experiences and our studies show that the people who understand the product are able to design a solution that is much less expensive to operate over a lifetime,” he said. “It gives companies a big head start. It’s really driving down the IT costs through time.”




If you have already taken qualifying courses for PeopleSoft’s new certification program, you can expect a note from the company that will let you know certification is coming and how you qualify for the exams, according to Henry.




“As the economy starts to turn around here, this is a great way for companies to invest in their employees and give some exposure to those top employees,” Henry said.




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