New Opportunities and Challenges For Application Developers

Pushed by technological innovations and empowered by the rise of collaborative tools brought about by the ascendance of Web 2.0 technologies, application developers are facing a wide-open landscape to apply their skills.

Armed with tools such as AJAX and Ruby on Rails, and bolstered by the rise of software as a service, application developers have multiple venues to ply their trade, whether in Web-based applications, in the data center or within the local area network.
With the collaborative evolution of the Web as well as the enterprise, there has been a shift in the way application developers are approaching their work. They are more fully cognizant of the business impacts of their labor. With this knowledge in hand, application developers are moving further away from siloed job roles and closer to the strategic apex of their organizations.

Looking Forward
As we speculatively look to the future of application development, we are able to identify several vectors for growth, but we’re convinced that one of the biggest potential areas for new applications is the acceleration of unified communications (UC) adoption.
Previously, voice and the Web lived in silos. For Web application developers to have the audacity to touch the telecom cabinet, they might be run out of the office. Now, with UC deployments gaining market share and the migration from copper to fiber well under way, these two previously independent worlds are rapidly colliding, spurring creative chaos and providing a brand new marketplace for applications development.
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