New Online Programs Offerred for Accounting, Health Care, Computers

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Tampa, Fla. — June 2
With the national unemployment rate at its highest point in 26 years, many out-of-work and underemployed Americans are looking to higher education as their best chance to secure a stable job in a recession-resistant field. Florida Tech University Online (Florida Institute of Technology) makes it easy and convenient to earn a degree with five new associate’s programs offered 100 percent online.

Students can earn their credentials in some of today’s hottest growth fields: accounting, marketing, health care management, criminal justice and computer information systems.

“For those who entered the workforce directly from high school, an associate’s degree is the first step toward better career opportunities and greater job security,” said Adrian Marrullier, executive vice president and chief marketing officer of University Alliance Online, which provides enrollment and support services to Florida Tech University Online.

“Students can complete an online associate’s degree in less than 20 months and use that credential to move into a new career field, advance within their current job or transition into a bachelor’s degree program.”

Marrullier noted that online learning is a particularly appealing option for adults, for a variety of reasons. “The ability to attend class anytime and anywhere enables students to schedule their lectures around work, job interviews and family obligations. They don’t have to spend time and money commuting to campus. And they don’t have to worry about standing out in a sea of teenagers and 20-somethings; the Internet is a great equalizer.”

Each of Florida Tech’s new associate’s degree programs offers excellent career potential:

  • Associate of Arts in Accounting – Employment of accountants and auditors is expected to grow 18 percent through 2016, which is faster than average for all occupations. Florida Tech’s AA in Accounting combines the financial principles and liberal arts background employers seek.
  • Associate of Arts in Marketing – Entry- to mid-level marketing/public relations jobs are predicted to grow 18 percent by 2016. While this represents faster than average growth for all careers, competition is keen in this popular industry. Florida Tech’s AA in Marketing provides the skills and credentials professionals need to get into or get ahead in this exciting field.
  • Associate of Arts in Healthcare Management – Medical and health care manager positions are anticipated to grow 16 percent through 2016. This fast-growing career field requires specialized training, and Florida Tech’s AA in Healthcare Management delivers with a proven combination of health care education and business management principles.
  • Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice – The job outlook for police, detectives, probation officers, correctional treatment specialists and private investigators ranges from 11 to 18 percent growth through 2016. Florida Tech’s AA in Criminal Justice provides a pathway to a rewarding career in crime prevention, homeland security or court administration.
  • Associate of Science in Computer Information Systems – Employment of computer support specialists, systems administrators and computer information systems managers is anticipated to grow between 16 and 18 percent through 2016. Florida Tech’s AS in CIS prepares students for this high-growth career field with a broad base of technical knowledge and a solid liberal arts foundation.

In addition to the five new associate’s degrees, Florida Tech’s online undergraduate programs include associate’s degrees in liberal arts and business administration plus eight different bachelor’s degrees.

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