New IT Job Titles Emphasize Business

When building a career, forward thinking can be a serious advantage. It doesn't matter if you're just getting into the business: The tech industry advances and changes so quickly, considering up-front how best to achieve a C-level position makes sense.

For instance, the CIO used to be the top or near the top of the ladder as far as tech positions went. Now, those seeking to attain that C-level job also might consider chief process officer, also known as chief delivery officer.

The CIO isn't being replaced by these job titles, but upwardly mobile IT pros may want to consider how to construct their career paths to lead to one of the newer, perhaps more relevant high-level roles in the tech market. Business acumen is almost certain to be a necessary skill.

"We have a chief process improvement officer who sits on the CEO's team," said Rodney Masney, global director of IT infrastructure services at O-I, one of the largest manufacturer of glass containers in the world, and former chairperson of the Americas' SAP User Group (ASUG). "The chief process improvement officer looks at business processes and how they apply to anything we do. It's not just about how processes affect business technology systems; it's also how the processes work in a manufacturing facility or in a business function, within logistics or the like. The focus is really around overall business process and how they make the company go."

A person in this new role takes business processes and applies…



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