New IBM big data certification introduced at Insight 2014 event

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If you had a nickel for every datum in your company’s cloud, then you could probably build the Great Wall of China out of nickels. Several times. Only, what if you really did have a nickel for every datum? It’s an idea whose time has come, and it’s at the heart of the hue and cry about big data. Companies collect and store oodles of information, a historical trend that, with the advent of searchable digital storage media, could very well be a money-making genie in a bottle. Corporations are racing to unleash that river of gold, and there are a wave of certifications to help IT pros get a piece of the action.

Are you ready to be a big data sales expert?So big data certification is already hot, and IBM cranked up the temperature a few degrees earlier this week. The venerable computing giant used its Insight 2014 event to announce, well, okay, not a purely technical certification for big data wonks. The IBM Certified Solution Advisor – Big Data & Analytics V1 is a mouthful of jargon that boils down to a nibble of hard IT. The new credential is a sales certification, one among hundreds that have flooded the market in recent years, as corporations equip sales specialists to carry their increasingly technical marketing messages to the masses.

As noted in IBM’s online documentation for IBM CSA-Big Data & Analytics, a certified solution advisor is an individual who can “clearly explain the benefits and underlying concepts of Big Data & Analytics.” Not only that, but a CSA is further able to explain how IBM’s big data tools can channel a bit of that aforementioned cash flow into a potential customer’s coffers. You could almost argue that British actor Dominic Cooper, with his talk of chocolate burritos and Big Tennis Data, is the proto-CSA-Big Data & Analytics. And he’s just the guy who plays Tony Stark’s dad in Marvel’s Avengers movies.

The CSA-BD&A requires passage of an exam (Test C2030-136) consisting of 58 questions. Candidates are required to score at least 70 percent and complete the exam in no more than 90 minutes. IBM recommends that candidates have a working knowledge of several aspects of big data and analytics, as well as broad familiarity with proprietary IBM big data technology.

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