Options Helps Employers Identify Health Challenges

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<p><strong>Raleigh, N.C. &mdash; June 11</strong><br />Workplace Options (WPO), a provider of work-life employee benefits, is offering a new,-low cost heath risk assessment (HRA) to help employers identify behaviors that contribute to an increased risk for disease, illness or accidents. </p><p>Integrating with WPO&rsquo;s award-winning Advantage Web, Advantage HRA provides &ldquo;before and after&rdquo; data on wellness initiatives, often targeting particular health challenges within the workforce. </p><p>This snapshot of employees&rsquo; current health allows employers to address potential health risks, which can lead to health care cost containment.<br /><br />Advantage HRA is an interactive, online tool that can be completed in just minutes. </p><p>It provides instant results for individual users and instant reporting for employers. </p><p>The results of the HRA provide an overall health score from specific wellness categories, including heart health, nutrition, weight management, fitness, cancer, smoking, stress and safety.<br /><br />Advantage HRA also allows employees to learn how to adopt and maintain new behaviors leading to a more healthful lifestyle. Many of these behavioral strategies, such as smoking cessation and stress management, can help them to prevent health risks from escalating into serious health conditions.<br /><br />&ldquo;Advantage HRA is a comprehensive assessment of the user&rsquo;s current nutritional and exercise habits, heart health, cancer risk and stress,&rdquo; Alan King, WPO president, said. &ldquo;This easy-to-use assessment tool helps employees implement plans that lower their health risks and improve overall health.&rdquo;<br /><br />Besides being low cost, another key benefit to the Workplace Options HPA is that employers have the ability to see the progress of the health and wellness programs over an extended period of time. </p><p>Using the First/Last Comparison Reporting feature, different time periods that the HRAs were taken can be viewed to evaluate individual/collective progress.</p>

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