New Guide Helps Directors Cut Path Through the Corporate Governance Jungle

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<p><strong>Ely, England &mdash; April 14</strong><br />In the 21st century, corporate governance has become a critical concern for all large and medium-sized organizations. However, with statutes, rules and practices varying between countries, directors are often uncertain which corporate governance requirements apply to their organizations. </p><p>Alan Calder, the international authority on governance and compliance, has therefore written <em>Corporate Governance</em> as a practical guide to the legal frameworks and international codes of practice that directors must obey to meet today&rsquo;s requirements and promote their organizations&rsquo; interests.<br /> <br />Published by Kogan Page, <em>Corporate Governance</em> is essential reading for directors of all types and sizes of organization, both publicly and privately owned. It provides a comprehensive overview of corporate governance today, including its historical background, the prevailing requirements in the United States, United Kingdom and European Union, and the practical consequences of these for management. </p><p>As well as Sarbanes-Oxley, the U.K.&rsquo;s Combined Code and EU&rsquo;s 8th Company Law Directive, topics addressed at length include directors&rsquo; duties, financial reporting, relations with shareholders and corporate social responsibility. <br /> <br />Over 272 pages, <em>Corporate Governance </em>provides accessible and practical guidance on the reality of compliance in day-to-day business, answering questions such as: <br /></p><ul><li>What is meant by good corporate governance practice?</li><li>To whom does the Combined Code really apply?</li><li>Is Sarbanes-Oxley important outside the U.S.?</li><li>Is corporate governance as relevant to privately owned businesses as to FTSE 100-listed companies?</li><li>What is the EU&rsquo;s position on governance issues, and what is the likely impact of EU legislation?</li></ul> <br />Alan Calder is chief executive of IT Governance Limited, the one-stop shop for books, tools, training and consultancy for governance, risk management and compliance. He is the author of <em>IT Governance</em> and <em>A Business Guide to Information Security</em>. He has extensive board experience, as both an executive and nonexecutive director, chairs the board of a public&ndash;private sector partnership and consults with companies internationally on governance issues.<br /> <br />Calder said, &ldquo;As the influence of corporate governance spreads ever further across the financial and corporate worlds, it is vital that directors understand precisely what is demanded of them. <em>Corporate Governance </em>aims to cut through a sometimes bewildering array of requirements so that directors can achieve appropriate compliance while still running their businesses.&rdquo;<br />

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