Forensic Technology Will Provide Data Access

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<strong>Mountain View, Calif. and Edmond, Okla. &mdash; Aug. 7</strong><br />The partnership of Passware Inc. and Perlustro LP has enabled the development of a new technology that will allow forensics specialists to access system data indexes on all Microsoft platforms, including Windows Vista. The technology can successfully recover data that, heretofore, has been hidden from forensics investigators.<br /><br />Passware Inc., a provider of password recovery and decryption software, created the core new technologies that leverage the company&#39;s next generation of dynamic decryption solutions across the computer forensics spectrum, including e-discovery and legal-based forensics research.<br /><br />Additionally, the companies jointly announced that Passware&#39;s core decryption technology is now embedded in Perlustro&#39;s ILook software forensics products. Perlustro is a provider of digital forensics software, with a platform that includes complete forensics and e-discovery suites. ILook is the software of choice for forensics specialists in domestic and international intelligence, military and law enforcement agencies.<br /><br />ILook will launch its commercial version toolset later this year, and it will incorporate the full complement of Passware&#39;s decryption technologies, allowing forensics personnel unparalleled access to electronic data.<br /><br />”This is an exciting development, and one that addresses important e-discovery challenges facing today&#39;s forensics professionals, including processing speed and cost,” said Passware President Dmitry Sumin. “The upcoming line of Perlustro products, which have integrated a newly designed platform of Passware advanced decryption tools, will provide forensically sound access to data and will do so more quickly and less expensively than competing technologies.”<br /><br />Sumin said Perlustro&#39;s forensics and e-discovery solutions will also elevate e-discovery to a completely new level because all users &mdash; including those with minimal or no forensics training &mdash; will now be able to contribute to the e-discovery process. With other tools in use today, only highly trained forensics professionals can make major contributions to these e-discovery processes, resulting in a more expensive and time-consuming effort.<br /><br />”Working with Passware&#39;s team, we were able to create a cost-effective solution that will dramatically increase the speed of every aspect of digital investigations,” said Perlustro President Elliot Spencer. “By combining Perlustro&#39;s revolutionary forensics toolset with the Passware tools &mdash; and with Microsoft&#39;s SQL Server 64, which is a critical component of Perlustro&#39;s ILook tool base &mdash; we created a truly winning combination, and one that we&#39;re excited to share with the government and commercial forensics community.”<br />

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