New Employment Site Protects Candidate Identity

<p><strong>Naples, Fla.</strong><br /> Inc. announces the launch of a totally new concept in the online employment industry for companies and candidates alike. This Web site provides an innovative method for all employable candidates to remain completely anonymous and yet allow them to be discovered for new job opportunities without ever posting a resume or any other personally identifiable information. <br /><br />&ldquo; allows candidates the ability to quietly present their credentials through our Confidential Career Profile. This lifetime career profile protects their identity because it excludes their name, current employer or any other personally identifiable information,&rdquo; said Dan Ressler, founder and president of </p><p>&ldquo;By using our proprietary method, candidates eliminate all fear of reprisal from their current employer and may have access to countless new job opportunities throughout their career.&rdquo; <br /><br /> will unleash a huge new population of candidates because of its anonymous nature. &ldquo;We anticipate tens of thousands of new profiles being posted daily,&rdquo; said Kathleen Chilcote, co-founder and executive vice president. &ldquo;The benefits to companies and corporations will be extraordinary.&rdquo; <br /><br />Companies will electronically receive candidate profiles that are applicable to all of their open positions and select candidates of interest. Through an anonymous e-mail system at, the candidates will be notified of a company&rsquo;s interest, review their business profile and job description and decide whether to reply. Employers will not be limited in the number of searches they can conduct, nor will they be limited in their ability to review confidential profiles.…



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