New Cert Addresses Need for Control of E-Mail Content

E-mail security is an increasing concern for today’s tech-centered businesses, according to a recent content security study by AIIM, an enterprise content management association. Important business content is stored and sent via e-mail messages and attachments, and in many cases, it is paramount for this information to remain confidential.

About 44 percent of those surveyed in AIIM’s Market IQ report said e-mail security is one of their areas of foremost concern. The business consequences of compromised information are numerous and include lost data, identity theft of employees or customers, dissatisfied customers or loss of loyalty, and one-quarter of respondents said they saw direct loss of revenue.

These facts make the announcement of AIIM’s new Email Management (EMM) Certificate Program all the more timely. Carl Weise, CRM and E-mail Management instructor at AIIM, said The Radicati Group, an independent market research firm, has found that today’s e-mail users send or receive an average of 133 messages per day, and it expects this number to grow to 197 message by 2009.

“The tremendous quantity of e-mails [dealt with daily in the workplace contain] important business information [that] needs to be captured and managed as any important Word document, spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation is captured,” said Weise.

This is a key theme at AIIM, and one of the reasons the organization developed the EMM certification, the first of its kind. Weise said, “We have done surveys with our ECM population and have found that e-mails still are…



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