Neulio 2.0 Enables Organizations to Leverage Power

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<p><strong>Winter Springs, Fla. &mdash; Oct.16</strong><br />Neulio, the creator of Structured Social Media solutions, announced Neulio 2.0, a next-generation hosted solution for publishing multi-part, multi-format online content. Neulio 2.0&rsquo;s unique platform enables organizations of all sizes to leverage Web 2.0 technology for training, marketing, customer support and other business applications.<br /><br />Neulio 2.0 organizes online video, PowerPoint and audio content into volumes and chapters that are accessible from any browser, enhancing the information exchange outcomes in a variety of business applications. Organizing the content into volumes and chapters is said to make the information easier to segment, search, find and absorb.</p><p>Controls called gates, including passwords, payments or quizzes, give organizations additional functionality and ultimate control over when and how content is accessed, whether it is deployed securely or is accessible to the public.<br /><br />&ldquo;Currently, most online social media is disorganized, segmented and difficult for true, sophisticated business application,&rdquo; said George Colombo, Neulio&rsquo;s founder. &ldquo;Neulio 2.0 changes the &lsquo;entertaining into the actionable&rsquo; and the &lsquo;interesting into the invaluable.&rsquo; By leveraging what we call Structured Social Media, Neulio 2.0 taps the accessibility, ease-of-use and reach of YouTube, and puts it to work for your professional organization.&rdquo;<br /><br />Whether an organization is building a stand-alone social media Web site or seamlessly integrating social media content into their existing Web site, Neulio 2.0 is designed to be powerful enough for corporate users but affordable enough for small businesses or non-profits. <br /><br />When the City of Winter Springs, Fla., wanted to share its &ldquo;State of the City&rdquo; message online with residents, it found that Neulio&rsquo;s Structured Social Media platform met the project&rsquo;s requirements well. The existing video message was edited into chapters, organized by department: public safety, public works, etc., then published using Neulio&rsquo;s online tools. <br /><br />Neulio 2.0 also aims to be an ideal solution for sales training, certification training, training employees about new products or services, broadcasting sophisticated marketing material, teaching customers how to use your product or any kind of &ldquo;how-to&rdquo; content. </p>

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