NetOp Tech Launches Mobile and Embedded Guest

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<p><strong>Chicago &mdash; Dec. 10</strong><br />NetOp Tech Inc., a fully owned subsidiary of Danish IT company Danware A/S, launched in the United States NetOp Mobile and Embedded Guest, remote control software allowing technical IT support from mobile devices such as handheld PC or cell phones. The new software provides a high degree of flexibility and mobility by allowing company help desks to not only provide support to field workers with mobile devices, but to provide that support from another mobile device.<br /><br />NetOp Mobile and Embedded Guest is an extension of Danware&rsquo;s NetOp Remote Control software and allows corporate IT and help desk management to remotely control and support the mobile devices being used by personnel from the field. It can be used for securely transferring files, updating software, messaging and technical support. Before, remote technical support had to take place from an administrator&rsquo;s PC or workstation, but with NetOp Mobile and Embedded Guest, technical assistance can take place from mobile devices anywhere a network connection is available.<br /><br />&rdquo;NetOp Mobile and Embedded Guest is a fantastic remote management tool.&rdquo; said Peter Grøndahl, managing director, Danware. &rdquo;It creates more flexible conditions for taking control of mobile units, which is a significant advantage in an age in when the number of mobile employees is growing steadily. NetOp Mobile and Embedded Guest supports data exchange and protects critical business resources, regardless of where you are. This flexibility means considerable savings for companies,&rdquo;<br /><br />Remote control via NetOp Mobile and Embedded Guest supports major platforms, including Windows, Linux and Macintosh. The program enables a help desk employee to use a mobile unit to take control of any other networked device, including another mobile device or a PC workstation. Routine maintenance may be carried out without any interruptions for the user, and the new software uses the same interface as all other NetOp Remote Control software.<br /><br />NetOp Mobile and Embedded Guest uses the most secure encryption available. All data is transferred through NetOp&rsquo;s own communication system &mdash; NetOp Gateway. Secure remote control can take place through firewalls, via the Internet, protecting against unauthorized access to the network and at the same time allowing secure interaction between NetOp modules.<br /><br />&rdquo;Data transferred between guest and host modules may be encrypted by means of advanced encryption standards (AES), ensuring optimum security,&rdquo; said Tonya Hottmann, head of marketing for the Americas for NetOp Tech. &ldquo;This maximizes the efficiency of technical support in a company, giving help desk personnel the flexibility and mobility to work remotely from the field on computers and devices anywhere in the company, without compromising security.&rdquo;<br /><br />NetOp Mobile and Embedded 9.1 Guest supports remote control of the following operating systems:<br /><br />&bull;    Windows Vista, Server 2003, XP, 2000, NT 4.0, ME, 9x<br />&bull;    Windows Mobile, Windows Embedded CE<br />&bull;    Linux<br />&bull;    Solaris<br />&bull;    Mac<br />&bull;    OS/2 </p>

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