NetOp Tech Announces Netfilter 5.0

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<strong>Chicago </strong><br />NetOp Tech Inc. announced the latest version of its leading Internet software, Netfilter 5.0, with added features such as "Follow Me" technology with Internet protection for computers both in and out of network range.<br /><br />The software will also continue to use dynamic Internet filtering that quickly analyzes Web sites for offensive or dangerous text, images and behaviors, blocking those found to be offensive.<br /><br />"Netfilter 5.0 will secure businesses, schools and other network environments from potential malware, viruses and offensive content on the Internet," said Tonya Hottmann, head of marketing for the Americas. "It is a robust protection solution, necessary for the maintenance of healthy network environments."<br /><br />NetOp&#39;s "Follow Me" technology protects the integrity of computers on a company or educational institution network by continuing Internet protection and filtering services even when outside the network. Employees and students are protected against harmful content continuously, whether they are accessing the Internet through the network, at home or on the go.<br /><br />Unlike other Internet filters that only rely on a list of blocked Web sites, Netfilter 5.0 has the ability to analyze text, images and individual behavior to detect whether or not the material is appropriate to view. This counters efforts made by some Web sites that may use misleading and seemingly safe Web addresses to host inappropriate or offensive content. Using Netfilter 5.0, IT administrators can also upload a blacklist of Web sites that have been previously reviewed as inappropriate.<br /><br />Additional new features to Netfilter 5.0 include the ability to read text in different languages, even written material that reads from right to left. Network administrators will enjoy added functionality such as extended logging and automatic critical update retrieval and deployment. Administrators also have the ability to block Internet messaging, streaming video, images and peer-to-peer programs.<br /><br />Real-time statistics are available to view a user&#39;s Internet activity when on the network. Companies without such monitoring capabilities often report productivity losses, as employees may abuse the Internet for personal use during work hours.<br /><br />"Netfilter will help boost productivity in businesses and keep children safe while surfing the Internet," said Hottmann. "It limits potential litigation from illegal downloads or harassment lawsuits and helps schools ensure that they are protecting children from potential offensive material, as more than 250,000 Web sites are added to the Internet each hour."<br /><br />NetOp Netfilter 5.0 is available for all major operating systems including Microsoft Vista, XP, Apple OS X and Linux. Free, 30-day trial versions of NetOp products are available at<br />

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