NetoOp Launches Enhanced Version of Desktop Management Software

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<strong>Chicago &mdash; April 30</strong><br />NetOp Tech Inc., a fully owned subsidiary of Danware A/S, a supplier of software solutions for the desktop management and education markets, launched in the United States NetOp Remote Control 9.1. In this latest version of the software, the company has enhanced its core product, NetOp Remote Control, with new features to make enterprise remote control faster, more flexible and secure. <br /><br />The enhanced remote smartcard log-in functionality offers one of the strongest authentication and authorization procedures available in security-critical environments, such as the finance and insurance industries. The release also introduces a new and improved way to install and distribute the software, as well as improved speed when remote controlling Linux systems.<br /><br />With this new release, Microsoft Vista is supported for all 32-bit versions, as well as guest and host modules and the optional components, Security Server, Name Server and the Gateway.<br /><br />"With NetOp Remote Control, you can remotely control any system no matter what platform you are using, and with version 9.1, we offer more flexibility, more security and easier and faster remote-control functionality," said Tonya Hottmann, head of marketing for the Americas for NetOp Tech. "For customers this translates into a more efficient use of IT resources and higher ROI."<br /><br />The remote smartcard log-in enhances the existing authentication on the NetOp host. Using a local reader, an administrator can now log directly into a remote enterprise and application system using a smartcard for authentication and authorization, making service and support easier in high-security environments.<br /><br /><strong>Improved Speed and Flexibility </strong><br />NetOp Remote Control now includes a Windows guest implementation of the X-Windows player. This greatly improves the screen-transfer rates between a Linux host and a Windows guest so the remote control process runs smoothly. <br /><br /><strong>Improved Software Installation and Distribution </strong><br />NetOp Remote Control now includes a packaging and deploying tool: NetOp Pack&#39;n Deploy. It saves time and creates flexibility in the deployment phase by preparing and packing the MSI and MST files used to deploy guests and hosts.<br /><strong><br />Free Software for Customers With NetOp Upgrade Insurance</strong><br />NetOp Remote Control customers with NetOp Upgrade Insurance will be able to upgrade to NetOp Remote Control 9.1. Customers in North and South America without NetOp Upgrade Insurance who are considering upgrading should contact NetOp at 312-376-0510 or<br /><br />A free trial version of NetOp Remote Control 9.1 is available for download.<br />

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