NetEx Study Shows Storage Throughput Needs Are Not Being Met

The business continuity and disaster recovery needs of many organizations are not adequately met, according to a recent poll of 170 IT managers, all of whom have storage budgets of more than $99,000. The implications of these deficiencies are poor organizational performance, non-compliance and even overall business failure.

“A large percentage of companies (more than 65 percent) said they weren’t always meeting their business continuity and disaster recovery objectives,” said Robert MacIntyre, vice president of business development at NetEx, the company that sponsored the survey. “They said that they wanted to leverage existing infrastructure. They wanted to do that, but they couldn’t always do it because of the transport technology currently being used. As a result, there were issue with things like packet loss and jitter.”

Of the respondents, more than half said that business continuity/disaster recovery wide-area network (WAN) storage solutions were “too complex and expensive,” and approximately 63 percent said the requirements for these solutions were moving so rapidly that bandwidth could not keep up with demand. However, about half also responded that they would be taking some kind of action this year to help meet their business continuity/DR throughput needs.

“I think it’s very eye-opening,” MacIntyre said. “It validates that people are very interested in business continuity and disaster recovery, though they may not always know about packet loss and those kinds of things. There’s an education process that has to occur as well.”

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