Neptuny Warns Companies to Plan Ahead for Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Advances

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<strong>Milan &mdash; February 18</strong><br />Neptuny, the IP network planning and capacity management specialist, has warned organizations offering Internet services to the public, as well as those firms using intranets, to prepare for a revolution in wireless technology that is coming in the next 12 months.<br /> <br />"The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has this week announced a major enhancement to the Bluetooth personal area network standard that allows compatible devices to hop on to Wi-Fi networks whenever extra range and/or bandwidth is required," said Fabio Violante, Neptuny&#39;s founder and CEO.<br /> <br />"This enhancement, which essentially makes Bluetooth devices capable of handing off-data calls to Wi-Fi networks, and vice versa, is known as alternate MAC/PHY and will be seen in the Bluetooth 3.0 standard due out later this year," he added.<br /> <br />According to Violante, Bluetooth PAN technology was designed as a short-range standard for use by voice accessories on mobile phones, but is now poised for use with mobile data.<br /> <br />"The main limitation with Wi-Fi on mobile phones has always been battery-life issues, but a Bluetooth 3.0-enabled mobile phone will be able to hop between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi at will, meaning that many more mobile devices will start using Wi-Fi services," he said.<br /> <br />"As a result of this breakthrough, any organization offering user-facing Internet or intranet facilities can expect to see a surge in their Wi-Fi bandwidth usage as hundreds of millions of mobile phone users start to come onstream. The need to plan ahead has never been greater," he added. <br />

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