NEON Enterprise Software Announces IMS Solutions for zIIP Processors

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<p><strong>May 15</strong><br />NEON Enterprise Software Inc., an enterprise data management software and services provider, announced its continuing commitment to reducing customer mainframe hardware and software costs. </p><p>By offloading more than 70 percent of processing to IBM&rsquo;s z9 Integrated Information Processor (zIIP), the NEON Eclipse Reorganization Utilities provide a singularly cost-effective solution for IMS database maintenance. <br /> <br />According to, third-party software costs were the number one inhibitor to mainframe growth in recent years. Vendors historically price software based on the general purpose millions of instructions per second (MIPS) of the machine, and companies that want to upgrade their mainframes tend to face steep software-fee increases. <br /> <br />zIIP processors free up general computing capacity and lower the total cost of computing by moving selected types of workload from general-purpose processors to zIIP processors. Customers incur no software costs for zIIP processing, resulting in reduced software costs and additional processing capacity, which can eliminate or delay the need to upgrade.<br /> <br />The NEON Eclipse Reorganization Utilities include iUnload, iLoad, iBuild, iCheck, iSurvey, iExtract, iReorg and iCopy. Version 5.1 of these products includes the initial support for zIIP processors, with the following zIIP processing potential: <br /></p><ul><li>iCheck &ndash; 97 percent </li><li>iSurvey &ndash; 97 percent </li><li>iBuild &ndash; 97 percent </li><li>iUnload &ndash; 50 percent </li><li>iExtract &ndash; 50 percent </li><li>iLoad &ndash; 3 percent </li><li>iReorg &ndash; 50 percent </li></ul> <br />With NEON Eclipse Reorganization Utilities, it is possible that a customer could experience capacity gains of more than 70 percent for some IMS database maintenance processing. NEON is planning a release in the second half of 2008 that will provide 97 percent zIIP processing support for all the NEON Eclipse Reorganization Utilities, including iCopy.<br /> <br /> <br />&ldquo;By exploiting the use of zIIP processors, NEON&rsquo;s Eclipse Reorganization Utilities help maximize the cost savings that zIIP processing provides to our customers,&rdquo; said Lacy Edwards, chief executive officer of NEON Enterprise Software. &ldquo;This is a significant advantage for companies with large IMS installations because maintenance tasks can be performed for very little CPU cost, while improving performance on the rest of the system.&rdquo;<br /> <br />IBM is providing a free 90-day trial of its zIIP processors, as part of its Specialty Engine Loaner Program.<br /> <br />NEON is hosting a free zIIP Processing & Eclipse Utilities Webinar on May 21 at 10:30 a.m. CT. <br />

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