Neil Lasher Speaks on Instructional Design at Olympia Conference

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<p><strong>April 23</strong><br />Neil Lasher joins key figures from the world of learning technologies &mdash; including Donald Clark (Ufi), David Wilson (Elearnity), Gordon Bull (Learning Forte), Jane Hart (Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies), Laura Overton (Towards Maturity), Clive Shepherd (the eLearning Network), Charles Jennings (Reuters) and Phil Green (Optimum Learning) &mdash; to speak at the Learning and Skills Group Conference.</p><p>Held at London&rsquo;s Olympia on April 30, the event allows the about 250 delegates to discuss, interact and share experiences on organizational learning and the ever-changing technology used to support learning in the workplace.<br /> <br />The conference&rsquo;s theme is &ldquo;building together,&rdquo; examining building an understanding of contemporary learning and development. The program comprises a variety of session types, from single-speaker presentations to cafe-style sessions, and from hands-on practical workshops to special interest and industry.<br /> <br />Lasher &mdash; President of the ASTD Global Network UK, vice chair of the eLearning Network and the author of the &ldquo;A list&rdquo; instructional design model &mdash; will be speaking on &ldquo;association-episodic instructional design,&rdquo; exploring how to build and entice the learner to create associations with e-learning to ensure better understanding through using the brain&#39;s natural powers of association. <br /> <br />According to Lasher, &ldquo;Looking at how the brain forms associations through practical activities, the workshop will help you understand: why association works for memory, how associations differ between individuals, common associations that we share, how to build associations into your learning design and how to avoid &lsquo;loving a no-hoper to death.&rsquo;&rdquo;<br /> <br />&ldquo;This event &mdash; for those who attended the Learning Technologies conference at Olympia at the end of January &mdash; allows delegates to learn from industry experts and key practitioners,&rdquo; said conference organizer Don Taylor of Infobasis. <br /> <br />&ldquo;In Neil Lasher, we&rsquo;re delighted to have a speaker of such a high caliber and international acclaim. Time and again, Neil has proved himself an enthusiastic and effective communicator with some thought-provoking and challenging ideas in the field of instructional design.&rdquo;<br /></p>

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