Narus CTO Authors Book on Design and Effective Management of IP Networks

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<strong>Mountain View, Calif. &mdash; March 10</strong><br />Narus Inc. announced that its CTO, Dr. Antonio Nucci, has co-authored and published <em>Design, Measurement and Management of Large-Scale IP Networks: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice</em>. The first-of-its-kind book provides valuable insight into traffic engineering, security and network and service management from one of the industry&#39;s most knowledgeable luminaries. <br /><br />Written specifically for computer science professionals and network operators, Nucci&#39;s book bridges the gap between theory and practice to solve issues around the design, maintenance and measurement of IP networks. <br /><br />Although IP technology has been around for decades, it is relatively new territory to the majority of network operators around the world. Today, network operators resolve their problems using experience and intuition &mdash; the same approach they have been using for decades to manage traditional circuit-switched networks. Such an approach worked well in the initial deployment of IP networks, which were characterized by a focus on transporting traffic rather than the services that ride over the network. <br /><br />Over time, IP networks have become more complex, supporting a variety of new services such as VoIP, IPTV, social networking and multimedia gaming. Now, the ability to compete through these new service offerings and the potential for cost containment via convergence appear to be the only ways to survive. Network operators must now deploy new tools and techniques to gain a deep insight into their networks to efficiently protect and manage the large variety of IP services offered and to deliver new services or bundles of services in a timely manner. <br /><br />"This book comprehensively covers the types of information available in IP networks, as well as ways in which it can assist in the design, monitoring and management of IP applications," said Nucci. "We apply the most ingenious and ground-breaking mathematical techniques to real-life network challenges and consequently achieve our goal of turning theory into practice." <br /><br />Nucci&#39;s book has been lauded by academia and industry experts alike as offering a "unique perspective from network providers," "filling an important gap in the industry&#39;s reference library," "a welcome addition to the technical literature on IP networks" and "has the potential to become the Bible of practical networking." <br /><br />Although just recently published, the book has already been accepted as a teaching tool/technical resource by universities and libraries around the world, including University of California, San Diego; Texas A&M University; Chinese University of Hong Kong; and British Library, W. Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. <br /><br />During his distinguished career, Nucci has authored, published and presented more than 70 technical papers at the most prestigious networking conferences and in journals such as<em> ACM Sigcomm, ACM Sigmetrics, IEEE Infocom</em> and <em>IEEE/ACM Transaction on Networking</em>. He has filed 25 patent applications, 10 of which were awarded covering various aspects of networking. <br /><br />Dr. Nucci was awarded the acclaimed Top 25 CTO by <em>InfoWorld </em>in 2007 for his technical contributions to the IT community. As CTO of Narus, Nucci&#39;s technology expertise has helped launch Narus to the forefront of the industry. His work developing NarusInsight, a real-time traffic intelligence system for the protection and management of large, complex IP networks, is helping service providers and governments around the world gain unprecedented traffic insight for cyberprotection, traffic management and IP intercept solutions. <br />

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