N.C. City Reports Successful Implementation of CyberShift Workforce Management Solution

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<strong>Parsippany, N.J. &mdash; April 8</strong><br />CyberShift, a global provider of workforce management and expense management software and services, announced that the City of High Point, N.C., has gone live with CyberShift&rsquo;s Workforce Management 3G suite of products. CyberShift&rsquo;s workforce management system serves as the backbone for time, attendance and accruals for the city&rsquo;s 1,500 workers.<br /> <br />Located in North Carolina&rsquo;s Piedmont Triad region, High Point, N.C., has 96,000 residents. The city provides a wide range of services, including fire, police, 911 communications, parks and recreation, electric operations, water treatment and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment and sanitation. The city of High Point also delivers services typically provided at the county level, such as 911 responders and library services. As such, the city manages a workforce that has varying and numerous work schedules and rosters, as well as unique rules related to split shifts, fixed regular hours regardless of time worked, emergency call-back and different departmental holiday accrual policies.<br /> <br />Pat Pate, assistant city manager and executive committee chair for the city of High Point, observed, &ldquo;Previously, we used a mix of manual and automated solutions that were developed in-house to address our time and attendance requirements. We needed a system that was Web based, could integrate with our Lawson HR and payroll system and support our unique business rules. Ideally, we also wanted a solution that was intuitive and offered reports similar to what we were accustomed to. CyberShift was able to deliver on these expectations and more.&rdquo;<br /> <br />Integrated with the city of High Point&rsquo;s Lawson S3 Human Capital Management and Payroll, the CyberShift system is the &ldquo;book of record&rdquo; that drives payroll processing. Time and attendance data is entered 100 percent online in CyberShift&rsquo;s Workforce Management 3G Suite and the system makes all the calculations against the business rules for vacation, sick and holiday accruals, overtime and FLSA Police and Fire work periods. <br /> <br />Pate concluded, &ldquo;To deliver the highest possible service levels to our residents, we need to innovatively maximize our workforce. Doing so means defining schedules that put them in the right places and the right times, while also allowing for unpredictable situations. The implementation of the CyberShift system has enabled us to run our payroll accurately with one integrated solution, and we&rsquo;ve recognized other benefits, such as online exception time entry, online absence requests and approval and better reports.&rdquo;<br /> <br />Robert E. Farina, CEO of CyberShift, said, &ldquo;We announced city of High Point&rsquo;s selection of CyberShift in March of 2007. By December, the implementation had been completed, thanks to the solid teamwork between CyberShift, the city and other solutions providers. We&rsquo;re looking forward to building upon this success by continually demonstrating how CyberShift&rsquo;s flexibility can address the city of High Point&rsquo;s workforce management requirements going forward.&rdquo; <br />

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